2009 year Press Release
  • 2009/11/24
    Typhoon Ketsana hit the Southeast Asian country of Philippines, resulting in the most devastating floods in the past 40 years in the region. TaiwanIHA dispatched the international emergency relief medical team based on the integrated efforts of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of China. The emergency medical team constituted six fully equipped medical professionals along with the TaiwanIHA standard disaster medical kits (11 boxes, totaling 210 kilograms). The TaiwanIHA medical team arrived in Philippines on the 6th of October, and provided medical services for 10 days. The service locations include the nine shelters in the city of Sta Cruz, Laguna, where approximately 1250 patients received medical attention. Local volunteer groups and interpreters assisted the TaiwanIHA medical team in patient registration, blood pressure reading and bandaging. The mutual cooperative efforts in serving the flood victims were widely received by the locals. Local victims suffer from diseases such as include flu, headache, infection of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, and skin diseases. Additionally, the Philippines Ministry of Health expressed concerns that the northern island, Luzon was experiencing an outbreak of leptospirosis after the floods. It caused more than one hundred deaths in the region due to the animal-to-human transmission. Medical experts also warned that the prolonged flood could also incur cholera and typhoid fever. Furthermore, the post-disaster reconstruction is the next challenge for the Filipinos. In this mission, TaiwanIHA successfully integrated its resources with the Filipino government and local NGOs reaping synergetic results in humanitarian endeavors. In the future, TaiwanIHA will continue integrating its medical relief resources and provide timely humanitarian aid to demonstrate our passion for global health. <a href="98/981124/1b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="98/981124/1s.jpg" class="float_l" border="0" height="154" width="190" /></a><a href="98/981124/2b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="98/981124/2s.jpg" class="float_l" style="margin-left:5px;" border="0" height="154" width="190" /></a><a href="98/981124/3b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="98/981124/3s.jpg" class="float_l" style="margin-left:5px;" border="0" height="154" width="190" /></a> <div class="cleaner"></div>
  • 2009/07/21
    When one is trouble, the real help is action from others! When disasters occur, and victims are in desperate need of humanitarian aid, Taiwan never falls behind in providing humanitarian medical assistance on time. Among the missions, theres a team that has gone through professional rescue training called TaiwanIHA (Taiwan International Health Action). Using “soft power” in the world The best method to establish high exposure in the international community is making use of soft power in participating in international affairs. The Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan established a cross-ministry humanitarian medical rescue team called TaiwanIHA. The best way to demonstrate soft power and voice to the world is by integrating domestic healthcare manpower and resources to engage in international rescue missions. Establishing medical bridge Altruistic contribution to the global village Immediate dispatch of personnel and resources to the disaster region Since its inception 3 years ago, TaiwanIHA has left its footprints in Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Peru, Ecuador and Myanmar. Not only did it provide emergency humanitarian medical assistance in the landslide disaster of Philippines, but also participated in the Dubai International Health Aid and Development (DIHAD). This year, TaiwanIHA signed a MOU with Asia Medical Doctors Association, which formalized its role as an international health partner. As the same time, it is actively organizing Global Forum for Health Leaders that shows it is fulfilling its dream of borderless health contribution. Zimbabwe, a country situated in central Africa, recently experienced a severe Cholera outbreak. The Zimbabwe government was unable to contain the outbreak and sought assistance from the international community. TaiwanIHA immediate coordinated this mission with the Taiwan health specialist stationed in Swaziland, with the Taipei Liaison Office in Republic of South Africa procuring the medical supplies needed. Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe Humanitarian medicine without borders After the assistance by the international health community and TaiwanIHA, the Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe has been reduced. TaiwanIHA wish to deliver the medical services of Taiwan to places in need. No matter allied, friendly or non-ally countries, as long as there is a disaster, Taiwan is willing to lend a hand in expression of our passion for humanitarian care and contribution to international community said Director-General Yang Che-Ming, Bureau of International Cooperation, Ministry of Health and Welfare. He further comments that humanitarian medicine knows no borders, and TaiwanIHA only hopes for the recognition of its contribution to the global public health system by the international community, because Taiwan is also a part of this system. TaiwanIHA youth volunteers the starting point for passion and ideal In order to spread the seed of passion by nurturing more medical rescue personnel, TaiwanIHA expanded the recruitment of youth volunteers of 18 to 35. Director Yang indicates that the medical youth volunteer project of TaiwanIHA is to follow through the idea of benefitting others. Especially as a member of the global village, we cannot rid ourselves of the responsibilities in event of disease, disaster and war. Therefore, it is imperative that we fulfill our responsibilities as a global citizen and actively participate in the international community. Action speaks louder than words Let the world see the love of Taiwan At the moment, the youth volunteer range of services have diversified, including going abroad for more learning opportunities. Dr. Yang elaborates that TaiwanIHA is selecting volunteers with high passion for service to assist at the Taiwan Health Center of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Solomon Islands and Marshal Islands. The project will last for a month or two, for the volunteers to understand the operation of foreign medical assistance and expand their vision. Dr. Yang says You will only be young once. TaiwanIHA welcomes passionate youth with open arms to fulfill the dream of helping the world.
  • 2009/07/21
    Prior to the economic boom of Taiwan, it benefitted from the resource-related assistance by its international friends. Now, with its strengthened economic power and advanced medical technologies, Taiwan is playing a significant role in the humanitarian relief front in the world. The Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan integrated the professional resources of public and private agencies, and established TaiwanIHA to coordinate medical resources and personnel for emergency rescues, giving it a chance to contribute to the international community through its actions. In the era of globalization, there is an ever-increasing interdependence between countries, and at the same time, natural disasters and infectious diseases are unrestricted by borders. Therefore, the maintenance of global health safety and public health standards should be the responsibility of all the members in this global village. In recent years, Taiwan has actively sought to return to international health organizations, in order to take a further step in participating in international health affairs. On March 2006, Taiwan International Health Action (TaiwanIHA in short) was established to coordinate government and private professional medical resources by using a single-channel approach to engage in emergency rescue or humanitarian relief missions in regions or allied countries in need. TaiwanIHA contributing to the world with action The Vice Political Minister Li-Yan, Hsia of Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated, ��Taiwan��s foreign medical relief is not only about integrating current resources in contribution to the international community, but more importantly, it is what the international community expects of us. From the angle of humanitarian relief, the services provided by TaiwanIHA actually surpass political diplomacy, religion and race. It is about letting the victims and patients in these regions or allied countries to obtain professional medical rescue in their time of need. In many less-developed regions lacking in medical resources, the professional services of TaiwanIHA have received great acknowledgement and appreciation. This, to TaiwanIHA, is the best reward and signifies our importance in the international community.�� Immediate dispatch of personnel and resources to the disaster region Since the inception of TaiwanIHA, it was always able to bring its emergency rescue capabilities in play at times of international disasters. For example, in 2007, the earthquake stricken zone in Sumatra, tsunami in India, earthquake in Peru, and in 2008, storm and floods in Ecuador, the tropical cyclone Nargis in Myanmar and so on. In all of these disasters, TaiwanIHA efficiently organized emergency related human and medical resources to the disaster region. During the Sichuan earthquake, due to some unknown reasons, medical personnel were unable to be sent over, but through the Red Cross Society of ROC, the medical supplies for emergency rescue was eventually delivered. Vice Political Minister Hsia believes that the operational experience of TaiwanIHA exemplify that Taiwan is promoting the goal of United Nations and World Health Organization in alleviating the poor by its actions. In the future, TaiwanIHA will utilize this platform of international medical relief, and integrate global health partners to further participate in global health affairs and entering the regions in need, to increase Taiwan��s contribution and exposure internationally.
  • 2009/07/21
    Having “Taiwan” as a part of its name, TaiwanIHA represents the ideologies and value of Taiwan as a country no matter where it goes. Therefore, when TaiwanIHA engages in international relief efforts and fight diseases and disaster alongside countries and people in need, they too, see Taiwan when they see TaiwanIHA. In May and June last year, Myanmar and Sichuan, China experienced some of the biggest disasters in history. At that time, in a not too distant island of Taiwan organized an international medical rescue team in a very short time. After receiving the disaster notification, they first efficiently integrated the resources of various governmental departments by organizing an emergency medical team through the hospitals affiliated with Ministry of Health and Welfare and Center for Disease Control, and readied the medical rescue supplies. Then, the team integrated the domestic NGOs to provide medical assistance in the disaster areas. This team that can integrate domestic medical human and rescue resources in a single channel, in a short period, achieving efficient mobility in event of disasters is called Taiwan International Health Action a.k.a TaiwanIHA. It is time to help others In 2001, the Millennium Development Goal proposed by United Nations has indicated the control of infectious diseases and the death rate of mothers and babies as its priority and goal. If we were to reach this goal, wed have to start from international health. Therefore, Ministry of Health and Welfare under the Executive Yuan hoped to establish a platform that can optimize international health rescue works, by taking the governmental resources as the foundation and partnering with NGOs. Thus, the idea of TaiwanIHA was formed. Today, everyone in Taiwan can easily access quality public health and medical services, and we should contribute to this world with a grateful heart. It is time we can help others said the Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Chen Tzay-Jinn of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan. Since its inception three years ago, TaiwanIHA has completed a variety of missions, such as participating in international humanitarian relief, post-disaster health reconstruction, participating in the prevention of bird flu and infectious diseases, Global Medical Instrument Support and Service program, assist in the setup of WHO mobile library in developing countries, hold and participate in international conferences, hold training programs for medical professionals from developing countries, and cooperating with various international organizations. To humble yourself in servicing the world In the process of doing good, actually we have helped ourselves. Deputy Minister Chen Tzay-Jinn exemplifies, many of the active Taiwanese fishing boats fishing in the South Pacific were helped by the medical teams stationed in nearby areas in events of accidents or disease. He further pointed out that Taiwans medicine is comparatively advanced to other countries, however the medical personnel have no chance to understand the diseases in developing or tropical countries. Therefore when Taiwan medical teams provides support in developing countries and participate in the control of diseases, we learn more than what we have contributed, thus becoming the beneficiary. In the past successful three years, TaiwanIHA hopes to utilize this platform and cooperate with experts and institutions alike in the future. It would also like to further participate in international health care and humanitarian works, not only to increase the exposure of Taiwan, but also for the contribution in global public health system to be recognized. Indeed, the experience and contribution in international health works will also help is providing citizens of Taiwan a better and healthy life.
  • 2009/07/21
    As indicated in the latest disease outbreak report of the World Health Organization, Zimbabwes Cholera outbreak since August 2008 is still spreading. With 79613 suspected cases, the outbreak has caused 3731 deaths. Due to the continued Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, TaiwanIHA and World Vision Taiwan signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the transport of medical supplies to help relieve the outbreak in Zimbabwe. The medical supplies to combat Cholera were procured by the Taipei Liaison Office in the Republic of South Africa, where Dr. Lu Dou-young, the representative of Ministry of Health and Welfare in Africa held a formal donation ceremony on May 11th, 2009 and delivered the supplies to the local health center to alleviate local public health emergency. Since its inception in March 2006, TaiwanIHA has gained much experience in emergency medicine and public health relief. Besides working jointly with various public agencies in the execution of emergency rescue missions, TaiwanIHA successfully completed its first mission with local NGOs V Ling-Jiou Mountain Buddhist Foundation and the National Disaster Medical Assistance Team, to Myanmar in 2008, for typhoon disaster relief works. The signing of MOU with World Vision Taiwan, and cooperative efforts in delivering Cholera medicine to patients in Zimbabwe do not only extend the reach of TaiwanIHA in cooperation with international partners in the promotion of humanitarian relief and international health cooperation, but also to spread the love and mission of TaiwanIHA to all the corners of the world. <a href="98/980611/1b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="98/980611/1s.jpg" class="float_l" border="0" height="187" width="250" /></a><a href="98/980611/2b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="98/980611/2s.jpg" class="float_l" style="margin-left:5px;" border="0" height="187" width="250" /></a> <div class="cleaner"></div>
  • 2009/06/06
    TaiwanIHA was founded in March 2006 as “a platform for integrating the resources of the public and private sectors in international medical and health assistance” to bolster international emergency medical and humanitarian assistance. In just three years, TaiwanIHA has sent rescue missions to many countries to partake in international disaster relief efforts, including earthquake in Indonesia, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, floods in Kenya, tsunami in Solomon Islands, earthquake in Peru, floods in Ecuador, and earthquake in Sichuan. These examples clearly demonstrate the unwaivering dedication of TaiwanIHA and the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to humanitarian care and the international community. On March 27, 2009, TaiwanIHA held an anniversary activity at the Foreign Service Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). It showed video clips of its previous missions, the awarding of flags and uniforms to TaiwanIHA’s medical teams as well as Certificates of Appreciation to Taiwan’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for their assistance in rescue missions. Furthermore, the Memorandum of Understanding on bilateral cooperation was signed with the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia. Through growing interaction and cooperation, Taiwan’s love and concern for the international community transcends national borders and can be felt in every corner of the world. A workshop was also organized on international medical relief integration, cooperation and outlook. TaiwanIHA invited Dr. Shigeru Suganami, President of AMDA; Dr. Steve Ringel, Program Officer of Premier Urgence of France; and representatives from Taiwan’s health and medical institutions and humanitarian aid groups. The participants exchanged views on such issues as cross-organization international medical assistance and cross-border integration of human and physical resources. In total, nearly 100 medical professionals and experts from humanitarian and social welfare groups joined the event.
  • 2009/06/05
    The TaiwanIHA delegation attended the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition 2009 (DIHAD 2009) on April 7-9. The members of the delegation included representatives from the Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society, Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Foundation (TaiwanICDF) and Non-governmental Organization Affairs Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. DIHAD is not only the largest event in the Middle East on humanitarian works but also the largest of such events in the world. It therefore serves as a crucial platform for international humanitarian groups and missions to exchange experiences and learn from one another. Over the years, DIHAD has become the most important event for international humanitarian groups. This year’s event, which was primarily sponsored by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), marked the 6th annual DIHAD since its inception in 2004. The heads of more than 100 international organizations and humanitarian-related enterprises took part, including those of several UN-affiliated agencies, such as the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. With the theme Empowering Communities: From Disaster to Development, DIHAD 2009 invited Dr. Bekele Geleta, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; Mr. Arjun Katoch, Chairperson of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs; and other experts to join the panel discussions and express their views on community empowerment, community recovery and sustainable development. By participating in this event, TaiwanIHA was able to highlight its progress in international humanitarian work over the last year. To promote exchanges with international missions, TaiwanIHA also invited Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society, TaiwanICDF and Non-governmental Organization Affairs Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send representatives to the event. During the trip, TaiwanIHA also had a meeting with Mr. Peter Ford, representative of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, to discuss the possibility of joint cooperation. Since its establishment three years ago, TaiwanIHA has launched more than 10 humanitarian missions to other countries, including Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, Peru, Ecuador and Myanmar. By combining efforts with domestic NGOs, TaiwanIHA has been able to enter cooperation with partners abroad and contribute to the betterment of the medical and health care for its fellow mankind.
  • 2009/03/10
    TaiwanIHA will be held on March 27, 2009 (Friday), organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomatic-consular officers workshop "Taiwan international health action team anniversary seminar, agenda and registration form in annex, cordially invite you to the time to visit participating.
  • 2009/02/06
    The Taiwanese Association in Italy and San Raffaele University organized a World AIDS Day Scientific Workshop on December 1, 2008, at the university’s campus in Milan, Italy. Nearly 200 scholars, medical workers, and students participated in the event, which was sponsored by TaiwanIHA. The workshop took place on World AIDS Day and was dedicated to Dr. Carlo Urbani, the Italian physician who first identified severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and sacrificed his life while studying this deadly epidemic in 2003. Dr. Jeang Kuan-teh, a research fellow at Academia Sinica, and eight other AIDS experts from Switzerland and Italy prepared articles and lectures for the seminar. Professor Guido Poli of San Raffaele University and Mr. Juang Jeng-tse, President of the Taiwanese Association in Italy, acted as the workshop’s moderators. Minister Yeh Chin-chuan of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Senator Antonio Tomassini, President of Italy’s Senate Committee on Health Affairs, also sent letters conveying their greetings and congratulations, which were read out loud to the public. Minister Yeh expressed his respect of Dr. Urbani’s contributions and emphasized that, in this era of globalization, a transnational effort is a must to control transmittable diseases, such as SARS and AIDS. He also expressed that the Ministry of Health and Welfare is honored to support the Taiwanese Association in Italy and San Raffaele University in hosting similar meaningful events, as they raise awareness of the fight against AIDS and promote bilateral cooperation in healthcare. The Minister also called for support of Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization, which would enable Taiwan to promptly obtain vital information on epidemics and help safeguard of the wellbeing of all mankind. Dr. Jeang Kuan-teh, head of the Molecular Virology Section in the Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology under the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, gave the main lecture of the workshop, expounding the relationship between human beings and HIV as well as his research on HIV gene regulation. In his conclusion, Professor Poli gave special thanks to TaiwanIHA for its assistance. Through Dr. Carlo Urbani’s altruism, TaiwanIHA once again proved that “health knows no boundaries.”
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