2011 year Press Release
  • 2011/11/21
    At the end of July 2011, Thailand was struck with the most severe flood in 50 years. The flooding tormented Thailand for four months, which seriously impacted the Thailand society, its people and the Taiwanese businessmen in Thailand. To express our humanitarian spirit, TaiwanIHA cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the foreign aid mission, “Send love to Menam”. TaiwanIHA, Taipei Hospital, and the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) prepared 6000 home emergency kits and provided disease prevention brochures to Thailand on November 21st and December 20th 2011. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shipped the goods to Thailand, which was distributed by the local Taiwanese businessmen and organizations. <a href="100/1001121/1b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="100/1001121/1s.jpg" class="float_l" border="0" height="154" width="190" /></a><a href="100/1001121/2b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="100/1001121/2s.jpg" class="float_l" style="margin-left:5px;" border="0" height="153" width="190" /></a> <div class="cleaner"></div>
  • 2011/08/01
    From August 1st to August 9th 2011, TaiwanIHA in cooperation with AMDA, visited Jaffna’s Teaching Hospital in northern Sri Lanka to provide free clinic services. TaiwanIHA engaged in cataract surgery medical cooperation and brought medical resources such as intraocular lens to Sri Lanka. Moreover, the doctors Dr. Hu Yu-Sheng of Hsin-Chu branch, National Taiwan University Hospital and Dr. Lee Wan-Ju of Tainan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare joined in conducting the surgeries for a total of 134 patients. The free clinic was well received by the local public, and proved to be a success. <a href="100/1000801/1b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="100/1000801/1s.jpg" class="float_l" border="0" height="153" width="190" /></a><a href="100/1000801/2b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="100/1000801/2s.jpg" class="float_l" style="margin-left:5px;" border="0" height="153" width="190" /></a><div class="cleaner"></div>
  • 2011/02/22
    On February<sup>22nd</sup> 2011, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit the city of Christchurch on the southern island of New Zealand. The disaster caused catastrophic damages and death of 181 people. Based on our humanitarian beliefs and foreign aid policy, Minister Chiu, Wen-Da instructed TaiwanIHA to cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Fire Agency Special Search and Rescue Team by preparing and providing medical kits that include antibiotic, bandages and various drugs and medical supplies for the earthquake disaster. By the evening of the 22nd, TaiwanIHA has shipped the medical supplies to Taoyuan airport for the support of the emergency rescue missions. <a href="100/1000222/1b.jpg?phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac&phpMyAdmin=76fdad3a3575c739be524d86055f0eac" target="_dynamice"><img src="100/1000222/1s.jpg" border="0" height="154" width="190" /></a>
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