2012 year Press Release
  • 2012/09/01
    In August 2011, TaiwanIHA was invited by AMDA (the Association of Medical Doctors in Asia) in Japan to jointly travel to Sri Lanka to perform free cataract surgeries. Donations of intraocular lenses and other medical supplies were prepared for the mission, and a total of 134 patients were served. To extend the cooperation and exchanges between TaiwanIHA and AMDA of Japan, in June 2012, two cataract surgery items and an autoclave machine were donated to the hospital. Under the previous cooperation model with AMDA in 2011, the equipment was donated first to the AMDA in Japan through our representative office in Japan. In addition, to show our active participation in the international humanitarian assistance activities with concerns about the recipient country’s ability to enhance and develop, local media have sent staff members to interview and witness the switching-on of the autoclave. <a href="101/1010901/1b.jpg" target="_dynamice"><img src="101/1010901/1s.jpg" class="float_l" border="0" height="154" width="203" /></a><a href="101/1010901/2b.jpg" target="_dynamice"><img src="101/1010901/2s.jpg" class="float_l" style="margin-left:5px;" border="0" height="154" width="203" /></a> <div class="cleaner"></div> <a href="101/1010901/3b.jpg" target="_dynamice"><img src="101/1010901/3s.jpg" class="float_l" border="0" height="154" width="203"/></a><a href="101/1010901/4b.jpg" target="_dynamice"><img src="101/1010901/4s.jpg" class="float_l" style="margin-left:5px;" border="0" height="154" width="203" /></a> <div class="cleaner"></div>
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