1. Basic Concept

The founding vision of TaiwanIHA is to give back to the international community. By integrating, and effectively managing, the domestic manpower, material resources, and equipment available for health aid, TaiwanIHA helps developing nations with their everyday medical and health needs, and can also provide timely humanitarian aid anywhere in the world when disasters occur.

2. Goals

  • Consolidating resources available for international medical and health aid from both the public and private sector
  • Cooperating with the WHO and its regional offices, and other international humanitarian aid organizations, to provide various kinds of medical and humanitarian aid to assist developing nations in improving the quality of their public health and medical care
  • Demonstrating our efforts in humanitarian care and willingness to give back to the international community, as well as our commitment to abide by the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of the United Nations
  • Promoting international cooperation and peace, and facilitating the sustainable development of the world